I fell out of bed onto a carpet and had pinched nerves all over. I called my health insurance carrier and they referred me to Dr. Stangl. I came in for my initial consultation and exam in November, and had brought in my x-rays that i previously had done somewhere else.  The findings show that i have pinched nerves thru out my cervical and thoracic region. I learned that T-1 affects the lungs and breathing. I have been on oxygen for 14 years and have been dealing with other health issues.  Since getting adjusted I am feeling much better.  I feel the adjustments are releasing blocked energy and has improved my sense of taste, hearing and touch. I thank God for bringing me to Dr. Stangl, and help heal my body naturally. 

~ Kathleen M.





“Amazing how much your spine and nervous system effect your body,mind, spirit.

Right went I got adjusted I could breathe deeper. I felt new energy”

-Ryan H.




Rib Sprain

I was going to another chiropractor and he was using the activator to keep me in alignment. On May 22nd when he had me take a deep breath, he pushed on the center of my back and my sternum moved. I was in pain and couldn’t breathe.  I left two days later for vacation and had pain all during my vacation.  When I came back I went back to see what he could do for to ease the pain.  He said he didn’t feel comfortable manipulating me.  I asked what this would cost me and he said that he would waier my co-pay and bill my insurance. It would take until about July 4th until I would be better.  I couldn’t go with the pain that long.  When I came in to see Dr. Stangl on June1st, he adjusted my center back and I had relief instantly! My breathing was better and not as painful!! Thank You Dr Stangl!

Diane H.


Lower Back Pain

Stangl Chiropractic has helped me tremendously with severe lower back pain. Three weeks ago I had in my lower back excruciating pain and couldn’t even put my own socks and shoes on. The pain was constant and I contemplated going to the ER for pain medication. I then got pain in my thigh, stemming from nerves in my back. After a few weeks of treatment, I am 85-90% better with minimum pain and it is not constant. Expecting to soon be pain free. Stangl Chiropractic has excellent staff with a friendly environment. Thank you Dr Stangl.

~Curt R.


Siatica & Lower back pain

Great people, very friendly and helpful. I have no more pain thanks to Dr Stangl! It just takes time!  Adjustments are not painful at all!  Relax and listen to their advice. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!



Feeling Great!

I had pinched a nerve in my neck. I could not move my neck at all! With the help of Dr Stangl’s adjustments and expertise I was able to feel better within a week.  A couple of weeks after that I barley feel any pain!



After a sudden onset of a severe headache in July of 2016, which  I typically do not suffer from headaches, two urgent care visits, two emergency room visits, they had chalked it up to a migraine and just kept prescribing me medication which was not helping. I missed a lot of work and could not function.

I have been involved in two rear-end collisions in the last two and a half years which may have played a part of the sever headache, and I also have been under a lot of stress personally with my family.

I sought treatment from Dr. Stangl. He took x-rays of my neck and reviewed the results with me, which he revealed to me that I had some things pinched in my neck.  Dr. Stangl was my savior! I got more relief from his manipulations then from the medicine that was being prescribed for me.  Dr. Stangl got me back to work and functioning again. I would highly recommend his services as he takes the time with his patients and heals you naturally!

Thank you so very much Dr. Stangl! You are truly a Godsend!

~Robin G.


Since being in an accident with a car 6 months ago, I developed alot of back and sciatica pain.  Dr. Stangl has helped tremendously!! I highly recommend a visit to Stangl Chiropractic!!

Cindy F.


I came to Dr. Stangl with severe pain. Within a very short time I am pain free. I personally feel that on-going maintenance is very important to keeping me healthy without drugs.

Ken S.

December 2015

For most of my adult like, my mother was taller then I. Before she passed away, she barley came up to my shoulder.  She had back and bone problems and the only help she received was heavy duty pain killers.  When after a fall and had walking problems due to my heel and lower back issues, I thought I was heading down the same path.  A friend and my son suggested I see Dr. Stangl- best move I ever made!  After a thorough check up and proceeding with adjustments, within a few monthes I was pain free and walking tall, no surgery or medication needed.

Also, when stomach issues developed Dr Stangl was able to find the cause with Applied Kinesiology and now the stomach issues are a thing of the past!

I can’t thank Dr. Stangl enough for his expertise and care. Again, without medications or surgery, I am feeling great and thankful for his excellent care!

Sandy Z.



My right shoulder hurt so bad that I couldn’t lift my right arm over my head. After my adjustment, Dr. Stangl said I had a pinched nerve and within one day my arm was back to normal. Chiropractic works!

Don S



Neck and Lower Back pain

Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Stangl I have had relief in my neck, shoulders and upper back. My lower back only bothers me when I do housework. Standing or walking, no longer bother me.

Eileen P.



I’ve had hip and lower extermity pain for a few years. I truly believed it was arthritis. Im getting older, I thougt.  I came to Dr Stangl during his Harvest promotion, on advise from a friend.  Turns out, no arthritis, but yes to a spinal impingement.  After the 1st adjustment, I was silly with delight! The 1st night I was almost pain free. It came back the next day but after the 2nd adjustment the pain was even less and stayed away longer.  I am absolutely amazed at the quick progress. I can’t believe I will be pain free! Can’t believe I didn’t come years sooner! I feel young again and look forward to getting active again!

Terri S.


The Miracle Man

My initial visit to Dr. Alan Stangl was due to extreme pressure in my low back and pain down my left leg. Due to a past experience, which landed me in the hospital, I was really frightened at the return of these symptoms.

While there, I also mentioned waking up with bad headaches during the night for the past several months and experiencing severe bursitis and tendonitis in my left arm for over a year. To my surprise, after the initial consultation and subsequent treatment, my sleep was no longer being interrupted with headaches and the pain down my arm was gone. Several treatments later and the pressure in my back and hte pain and numbness down my leg disappeared too.

I will continue seeing Dr. Stangl, the miracle man, in order to maintain my current level of comfort and health. Thank you, Dr. Stangl!

Pam H.

January 2015

I had never been to a chiropractor before, but after a week of steady back pain I decided that I needed to do something about it. Dr. Stangl was able to help my back to the point that I have no pain and he also identified an existing issue in my spine that was never diagnosed. I never saw the true benefit when I was younger but Dr. Stangl made a believer out of me. The work he does is amazing!


The Right Supplements Really Help

Dr. Stangl helped me through situations where my body did not want to respond as expected. When he recommended specific supplements for the specific issue, my body did respond better than I expected! Thanks to Dr. Stangl, I am feeling better now.

Lisa A.


The doctor did a fantastic job helping my back and legs heal! I was in and out in a timely manner and was healed in no time at all! Thanks!

Michael A.

Senior Blues

My wife, Mabel, and I have Senior Blue healthcare and we had a lot of back pain. Mabel, my wife, had three crushed discs repaired in her back by a surgeon and later on, shots in the back for pain. When we found Dr. Stangl, and started going to him once a month to have our spines lined up, the pain ceased. We still go to Dr. Stangl once a month and we have no pain.

Herb G.


In 2011, I came here through my brother-in-law. I had a lot of lower back pain for over a month from an unknown cause. I went through many doctors, medications and injections, but nothing helped. I even lost weight from the pain. I am very happy with the results with chiropractic and continue monthly maintenance to be healthy. I refer all the time.

Secundino G.

Comfort, Care, Compassion

Dr. Stangl has offered comfort, care and compassion while providing excellent chiropractic care as well as guidance and suggestions for nutritional supplements to help me move towards better health.

Amanda D.


As you know, approximately a year and a half ago, my husband recommended that I see you because I could barely walk. One evening, I was cleaning out the refrigerator and was sitting on the floor in my kitchen and I couldn’t get up. It scared me so badly I thought that I would end up in a wheelchair. I had no strength in my legs to get myself up, my husband and son had to help me up. I had fallen several years before, down my 2nd floor steps and the injury could have possibly come from the fall. I had gone to three different doctors, had 2 MRIs, x-rays, physical therapy, injections, etc., and no one seemed to know what the problem was. One diagnosis was bone disease of the hip and back. I wasn’t able to shop at the mall anymore, go the grocery store for a complete order, work in the yard,  go to any theme park and walk, and above all,  I couldn’t walk the beach. I was a Line Manager at Home Depot and I had to step down from that job because it required a lot of walking. I just dragged my leg and pain was unbearable at times in the lower back and hip.

When I arrived at your office I was really scared. After our interview and examination, you told me you could help me. I told you I was scared and had very little hope you could help me.

Now to the basis of my letter. After 1 1/2 years, I can honestly say I am pain free. I have never been so happy to be able to walk “all day” with no pain. I am able to work in the yard for hours even after a full day of work. I go to the mall plus stop at the store for an order without going home to rest. I don’t need the heating pad, ice pack, pain medicine – it’s wonderful. I feel like a new person with a new lease on life. I can actually run without pain. And to top it off I received my job back at Home Depot as a Line Manager. I can move again.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back. I don’t live in fear anymore that I may end up in the wheelchair with a bone disease. And honestly, I look forward to the minor adjustments that are needed to keep me in this condition.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and it still doesn’t seem like enough.

Marian D.

Feelin’ Younger

After a fall, walking, bending, and lifting were painful. Just getting out of bed was an effort. Staying with Dr. Stangl made everyday chores O.K. again.

Lenore S.


Stangl Chiropractic has helped me to get my body back on track after pinching a nerve then developing shingles. The herbs Alan suggested helped to relieve the pain and sensitivity from the shingles. Stangl Chiropractic has also helped keep other family members functioning as well. Alan’s help with my mother after her heart attack was a large part of the quality and quantity of her life afterwards, living much longer than conventional doctors thought she would. My father is also still in very good health at 82 years old, needing only a small amount of cholesterol medication along with the vitamins and minerals Alan suggests. He is a very active person thanks to the many years of seeing both Alan and his father, Alfred.

Elaine A.

I Avoid Doctors

Shoveling snow took a toll. When family doctor just gave pain pills and x-rays, pain was still there. Dr. Stangl fixed the problem and gave relief.

Ken R.

No more headaches!

I came to Dr. Stangl because I had been getting headaches for a few years. They weren’t all severe, but they were an annoyance. Practically my whole family goes to him, so he came highly recommended. Within a few weeks my headaches had stopped. Dr. Stangl and the staff at Stangl Chiropractic were always so friendly and great to work with. I feel much better now and have recommended Stangl Chiropractic to a few of my friends.

Ashley K.

Easing Pain Naturally

Due to my scoliosis and rods in my back, I am in constant back and sometimes neck pain. Dr. Stangl helps ease the pain in my back every time I have an appointment. Without Dr. Stangl, this would be a debilitating disability instead of something that I am able to cope with. He has also helped treat the beginning of my colds and body aches naturally with vitamins and supplements, which have benefited me greatly. Dr. Stangl and his staff are true blessings. They are courteous, kind and understanding. I am deeply indebted to Dr. Stangl and would not be able to survive without his chiropractic and holistic expertise.

Leila T.


I came to Dr. Stangl because I had numbness and tingling in my left arm. I had limited movement in my arm and never thought I would be rid of it. Thanks to Dr. Stangl, and his treatment, I can now move freely and have no pain! God bless you, Dr. Stangl!

Cindy C.

Wow! What a Difference in My Energy!

I was having terrible pain in my shoulder. Dr. Stangl worked on me and in only two days the pain was gone. After a few more appointments, my energy level rose significantly. I can’t say enough good things about the great results I had with chiropractic at Dr. Stangl’s office.

Veronica M.


I completed another half marathon (13.1 miles) despite considerable hip and low back pain the month before. Thanks, Dr. Stangl!

Jeff G.


Stangl Chiropractic helped me with my back and leg. I would recommend him and his staff to everyone I know.

Irene D.


Stangl Chiropractic has been wonderful! I had pain when I walked and suffered for months. Now I have no more pain, and I would recommend very highly!

Nancy B.

Lower back- disc was out

I could barely walk and had trouble standing up. I saw Dr. Stangl and he was willing to work with me. After about one month, I was seeing a lot of improvement. I began to do some of the chores around my house; example cleaning and cutting the grass. I still see Dr. Stangl on a monthly basis. I can also can do my walking once again.

Matthew B.

Wrist pain gone !

I had sporadic pain in my right wrist from overuse of the computer mouse.  Then I fell & hurt both wrists; constant pain.

Dr. Stangl worked on the muscles & tendons in my forearms 3 times and there has been no pain since then- going on two months now.

Thank you Stangl Chiropractic!

Carla K.